So I’m officially on twitter now which is my lazy way of coming back to the blogging world.  We will see if it brings me around.  If I get enough positive feedback it may be the case…so feel free to follow me! 😉 haha


So I got a raise this year, amazingly enough with the rough economy and all….and strangely enough they like to announce the well-doings amonst the floor in a mass email.  And thought I would share the news with my sister in the land of far, far away.

Me: OMG, everyone is saying congrats and how deserving I am!

Sis:  Wow, aren’t you amazing

Me:  Yeah, it’s funny, how many people are responding 20+ emails.  It’s like they all really love me!

Sis:  OMG, you won’t be able to fit your head out of the building

Co-Worker:  Congratulations!  Very deserving

Me *turning around with a big smile on my face* Thhhhhaaaaaaaaannnnnkk

Then I realize she is on the phone saying the same spiel to another lucky associate…

Me:  Maybe people just say deserving maybe it doesn’t mean anything special at all.

Sis:  You are crazy!!!

*sigh*  oh the roller coaster of the middle childs mind

Me:  OMG, I was just thinking about all the things you did when we were dating that you don’t do anymore!

Hubby:  What are you talking about?

Me:  First of all, you never cared about all the sports – if a game was on you would gladly leave it to go out on a date with me or hang out with me.  Now I can’t drag you away!

Hubby:  Laugh – that’s not true.  Besides you could always watch them with me! 😉

Me:  Right – yuck.  You gave me a false image of you…I would talk and you would listen.  Any request and you would be there…You gave me a false idea that I could control you.

Hubby:  What – I wasn’t listening to what you just said.

Me:  Case and point!

Why does it feel like there is a member of my body missing when I have lost my cell phone?

Why is it everyone’s solution is when did you have it last? If I knew that then I wouldn’t be having this issue, huh.

OMG, I have lost my alarm clock, my contact with the world, my ability to check my checking acct – my on hand calculator, my calendar with reminders…how does  a girl go on?

Imagine this – me coming home from an uneventful attempt of christmas shopping with my lil sis and bff and the garage is left open yet again.

Me:  Oh no, did he do it again?  Is he even outside?

BFF:  Yeah, I think I see him, but what is that on his face?

Me:  Oh, that’s how he looks when he cleans

BFF:  How cute, he’s doing it to prevent the allergies, huh.

Me:  Is that what you call it…so sad.

Lil sis:  OMG

My husband's cleaning style...although this is not his face. You get the idea.

So I woke up at the crack of dawn today getting ready for work, running 10 minutes behind, and opening the garage door to be greated by a freezing breeze.  I look down and there are leaves everywhere from last nights wind/rain storm and I look up and the garage door is left open. 

“Oh, no” – I quickly look around and try to interpret our losses, if any. 

My husband’s drum set? – Check

My car? – Check

Umm, yeah, that was about as far as I could remember at 5:40am, however I go to my car and open the door and out whisks a light orange kitty who made a home for himself in my garage. 

“Kitty, kitty?”

Crap – this would for sure ruin my morning – a homeless kitty hiding out under my car. 

After a thorough check, I hope for the best and head off to work.

When I come back home I am half convinced the kitty will show up again upon opening up the garage.  However this was not the case.  Instead I hear Cullen (my mixed puppy) barking outside.

Husband:  There’s a cat that’s been out on the wall all afternoon

Me:  Is it light orange?

Husband:  I don’t know, is he fat?

Me:  I dunno, I saw him for a moment

Then out of the rectangle long window next to the front door I catch side of him on top of our roof!

Me: That’s him!  Because you left the garage door open he thinks he found a new home last night!

So I have been on the get healthy train for some time now.  It started with the weight watchers, which worked, however I’ve been a little lazy on my counting of points – Fat, Fiber, and Calories that is what it’s all about. 

Well on to my latest gig, jogging.  This did not originate with me however, my bff suggested running for a half marathon.  And i gladly did not commit, but agreed to joining her on some of her training runs.  And let me just say, even though I have never been a runner in any way shape or form, it has made me feel pretty good.  So we’ll so how long that continues.  Strangely enough I found myself still trying to walk the two dogs of mine (day 3 in a row, impressive huh) and I decided to start a slow paced jog with them.  We’ll see how this continues.  I’m sure the tangle effect could get a lot worse given their 8 legs.

Anyways, what has also helped me along the way is bountful baskets.  It’s a co-op that fills up two of the round laundry baskets – one with fruit, one with veggies.  You get whatever is in season, typically the tomatoes, lettuce, apples, and whatever new veggie/fruit that is fresh and amazing.  It’s how I got on a speghetti squash kick.  Grilling my many zuchinni spears, getting those fancy pears.  It’s like a surprise every other Sat – I pick it up at my location in the early am of Sat – that’s what I was doing this week, hence the freezing cold weather in the am in my last blog.  It forces me to figure out how to cook acorn squash, or whatever the newest produce is for the week.  And those 2 laundry baskets full are only for $15.00 .  You can’t beat that. 

So here’ s the information, they have them in AZ, Idaho, Utah, Washington currently.  Take a look at the website – but the key is eat more fruits and veggies.

Whoever said living in the land of Arizona, where most would probably think of desert, sun, and cacti, would have a cold winter.

Well typically I’m fond of the colder regions, because being raised in the desert you don’t see alot of the greenery or white stuff falling from the sky.  That’s what we call it out here because it is that foreign! 😉

Anyways, so this morning on a very cold Saturday I found myself getting out of bed with my knee high socks, long panted pajamas, and tshirt and still cold.  Typically I can get away with not turning on my heat, because it is a beautiful thing when your Electric bills are below $200.  Those summer days of 110 degrees are long gone, and turning of the AC is a financial relief!  So I look at my thermastat and am surprised by the 63 degrees indoors. 

So I throw on my sweatshirt and head out for the fruit and veggie co-op I’ve become a part of.  I’ll explain more about that at another time.  Possibly tomorrow if nothing more exciting happens. 

I talk to the sis in the car exclaiming how cold it is here and then *ding* my amazingly smart car decides to tell me it is way too cold to be outside. 

A cute little snowflake appears on the dash next to the temperature below.

Can you even believe it!?!?

So it started like this – a confession of sorts to my sister.  Let me just preface this first by stating I would really appreciate your support, being that I am trying to turn a new leaf.  So please don’t judge me.

Me:  I have never taken Cullen on a walk

Sis:  Are you kidding me, I can not believe that!

Me:  I know, I am a horrible mother…it’s just he gave us Giardia when we first got him last April…and I didn’t forgive him for awhile.  Then he just grew up…and I found myself for the first on a leash, taking him to the vet to get fixed.  That was the first time he ever experienced a collar.

A week later the guilt sunk in, and I found myself determined to change the situation.  Although that is when I realized I only had a harness and leash for Sydney.  So Sydney would get her walk that night…

So today after work, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take Syd and Cullen on a walk.  The hubby was at happy hour with his co-workers, the little sis was still at work…and I was home alone…

Considering Syd was a perfect angel the other day on her walk, I figured I could handle Cullen’s beginner issues.  Plus it may be good for him to see how he should handle himself.

Big mistake!  Not only was I tangled, but my wrists have rug burn, my ancles are tender, and I was covered in hair from my head to my toes!

So, will I attempt it again.  Of course, but maybe next time I need someone else to tag team, because my attempts at being a good mom were sorely lost in the shuffle!

So I go into work today and find myself cream cheesing my bagel when to the left and right of me are my co-workers.  Then I can hear the voice of my carpooler laughing behind me…

Carpooler bud:  Oh my gosh, you guys all match!

Me:  eww, not a fan of this, what is going on.

I look to around me, only to see my two co-workers in the khaki pants and blue top. 

One Co-worker:  Yeah, we planned it, isn’t it cute?

Me:  no way, my mom did enough of that with me and my two sister growing up.  I’d rather not look like everyone else.

As the day progresses I must of seen 7+ more co-workers with the same idea.

Guess I got the memo!

So even though I may appear to be a somewhat put together adult…nice job, nice house, big family (aka:  Koda, Emme, Cullen, and Syd)…I have a confession whereas I am not all together.

And me and my husband are in the same boat when it comes to this – hence the buildup.  And somehow I got the gusto to work on it tonight, and let me just say I am ashamed and disgusted.

My whole backyard with Cullen, Sydney and sometimes Patches(sister’s dog) help was covered in every inch with dog pooh!  So nasty!  I think I may have carple tunnel using that tool thing and lifting the heavy scooper to the trash across the yard 50+ times!



What did I do tonight you ask?

Well aside from making the most delicious enchiladas on the earth – no exaggeration – quick notes on them:

ground turkey, green enchilada sauce, white tortillas, chopped green onions, and mozzerlla cheese – not all of your conventional ingredients, but it turned out very tasty!

Aside from that, I am attempting to iron a shirt that I’ve been putting off bringing to the dry cleaner.  I seem to of missed the life lesson of learning how to iron clothing.  So I figured what else was Google for?  And here’s what I found.

So – I’m having one of those nights – in a ball curled up on the couch with Koda – my kindred baby boy cat who has decided to take it upon himself to love me and be a warm body/heating pad on my abdominals.

Just want to lie here and not move…

Why is it being a girl = homones, crampage, and raw pain!


So last night I actually stayed up past 9:30pm on a Friday night – what can I say I’m no youngin anymore!  Me, the little sister and her bfriend decided to play some board games – which is always fun.

They pulled out the Disney Monopoly which seemed to magically appear in my game closet – really didn’t know where it came from.

We started the game – took awhile, but I made it my goal to purchase every space I landed on.  Rae and her bfriend kept finding themselves in jail, so I seemed to get ahead a bit.

I found a rush of excitement as I was passing Go and colleting $200 time and time again.  Pretty soon my cash flow and real estate was surpasing the others and I begain building castles (since it was the Disney version) on my land. 

Me:  Haha that will be $550 please!

Rae:  OMG – I don’t want to play anymore

Ren:  You have taken over that side of the board – look at all your Monopolies

Me:  *malicious powerful laugh*

Rae:  I need another shot

All in all I won the game – and it just reminded me how good it is to be a tyrant.  It was good to take over the world. 😉


So last night, my sisters decide to go to the grocery story for some liquer, snacks and movies.

They come back with the easy back brownies, microwaveable White Castle burgers, and a apple strudel muffin mix.  All your basic easy add recipe boxes.  Before you read on, let me just say that I was the only one that was ever in the kitchen growing up.  Enjoyed the cooking shows, putting things together, and making things for others to appreciate (middle child syndrome = need of appreciation) So the night goes something like this.

Rae:  How do you use your timer on the microwave?

Me:  Push timer.

Rae:  Oh, ok

Jess:  How do you make muffins without a muffin pan?

Me:  I get the aluminum muffin wrappers – but I’m out.

Jess:  Oh – guess we can make it in a loaf pan.

Rae:  How do I turn on the stove?

Me:  Push the Bake and up button to get it to the right temperature

—30 minutes go by

Rae:   How do I know if the apple thing is done?

Jess:  I dunno

Me:  Stick a butter knife into it – if it comes out clean you are good

Rae – umm, it’s not clean

Me:  This is the muffin mix thing – it’s going to take longer to bake the whole thing!

Rae & Jess:  Oh yeah, huh


Rae:  How do I shut off the oven

Me:  Duh, hit the off button

My sisters – challenged in the kitchen! 

kitchen pic

Well this is long over due -but here is Rae’s reaction to the family reunion custom t-shirt! 😉

So here I am being the nice sister…well maybe I should just share the text message conversation

Little Sis – I am not going into work tomorrow for my bday – I may lose my mind if I do.

Me – Do you have a special request for your bday dinner?  Anything at all or any particular deserts?

Little Sis – *shrug*

Gives me lots of options, huh!

So then I call my hubby to plan for the day

Me:  Be ready to go to your parents house when I get home so we can start working out.

Husband:  I’m watching my movie

Me:  What?  So we are not going

Husband:  After my movie…

Ugh – I’m 85% sure he started the movie when I left work.  There goes the helpful motivation I had for the day…out the window!


Anyone that has any tips- I’d be glad to hear them!

Whoever said growing up and finding a suitable job would be easy? Especially in this economy I find myself lucky to have a job that provides great benefits, no furloughs, and room to develop myself.

I’ve actually been pretty lucky considering I got this job straight out of college, with nothing but Blockbuster Video on my resume. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, those times were good too, but it was time for a job that could pay the bills and provide some proof that I got a college education.

Anways, beyond all the good it’s done me to have an established career…I was awarded with my 5 year award a month ago.  I couldn’t believe it had already approached me.  And on top of it all I was able to choose a 5 year gift…so here it is!

My 5 year art!

My 5 year art!

So as you know, we have spent the past several days with my Aunts, Uncles, and counsins.  This has been my dad’s side of the family.  It has been a fun filled event for sure, but last night may of topped the cake. (pun intended)

But before I explain, let me tell you a think or two about where we are coming from.  My dad’s dad (our pop) was near and dear to my heart.  He always had a thing for dessert…especially chocolate.  I can still hear him calling for the 2nd piece in the 2nd row (on a freshly new cake)  just to get a rise out of whoever was cutting the cake.

So the rule was growing up there was always room for it.  No matter how full we were after a meal, my dad would get that glimmer in his eye as well and smile and say who has room for dessert.  And typically we latched onto the idea.  Anywyas, my Pop made a deep-rooted impression on my heart and my Uncle Peter (who is like my dad’s twin) loves to remind us of those things on a night like last night.

Here is the scene:

Lainey takes a piece of her ranched lettuce leave and smears it on Molly’s cheek.  Molly sticks her nose up in a dignified matter and walks away.  Next think I know Molly is over by the chocolate cake dessert and grabbing a hearty handfull of frosting and mashing it in between her  fingers with a smile to me and my sister.

Me – Oh no…I can see this going bad!

Next thing you know Molly inches her way over to Lainey and smears 4 fingers worth of frosting over Lainey’s cheeck.

Lainey:  I can not believe you! *growling with a very large smile*

Lainey grabs the cake and spreads the frosting from the of Molly’s forehead all the way down to her chin.

They start chasing each other around the staircase thru the kitchen and end up in the sun room where the Uncle’s and Aunt’s are still pleasantlly enjoying their meal.

Aunt Lizzy:  O my goodness!

Aunt Julie:  Oh girls!

Uncle Peter:  Is that chocolate? 

Girls:  Yes

Uncle Peter:  Oh no, not the chocolate cake.  Why would you waste the chocolate like that?

Uncle Jodie:  You can like it off your face!

Uncle Peter:  I can’t believe it!

Proof of the damage!

Proof of the damage!

So as you may or may not now thanks to my over-zealous sister (Good, Bad, and Ugly) we are on vacation this week.  Left last Thursday and come back this Thursday…it’s been a nice several days and all but I thought I’d start sharing with you all so you two can get my side of things of the events.

So we flew into Minnesota on Thurs night and the following day had an 8 hour drive to the Uncle and Aunts place in Springfield, IL (for those of you who don’t know that’s the place where Lincoln made a name for himself before becoming President. (I’ll expand on this later).

So we are in an 8 hour drive…a couple hours to go and we were all getting a little stir crazy so we stopped in Wisconsin to pick up some of the world famous cheese.

A sampling the sis bought.

A sampling the sis bought.


When we got back to the car, I pulled out my Kokology book.  This is an amazing book of questions and scenarios you answer to find the hidden meanings of how you really feel about family, sex, work, etc.  And of course I thought this was a great book to start getting to know my cousin.

So how did it go?  Let me give you a little snapshot.

Story:  You are out on a safari two beautiful lions are out in the wild – eating their prey.  What do you do?

Me:  Umm, I would think how cute kitties – then look away because I didn’t want to see the bloody mess.

Cousin:  I would say amazing and watch!

Sis:  Eww gross, I don’t want to see that.

Me:  Interpretation – how you respond to the lions is how you feel about watching adult videos.  Nice

Sis:  That is so not true!

Scenerio 2:  You are out on a whale watch and what do you see?

A:  Small baby swimming behind its big mother

B:  A baby snuggling close to its mother’s belly

C:  A Father and Mother swimming close to its baby

D:  A baby blowing out its spout, swimming alone.

Cousin – A

Sis – C

Me – D…  So Cousin, this book says the mother pays an enormous role in your life and you are basically a momma’s boy.

Cousin – yeah, I am.

Me – Sis – You have a balanced life of your mom and dad and your homelife was probably happy.

Sis – Sure

Me- It’s says I have the most growth as an individual and have created autonomy for myself!  yeah, I’m amazing…hmm, and it reads not to be too willfill, selfish, or headstrong.  Mmmm maybe so.

So maybe I should of been better at the before and after pics.  But really who wants to go back and take a picture when you feel your worst?  But I probably could of docuemted it better, and for that I am sorry.

Irregardless, what weight watchers has/is doing for me was showing me where I was over-doing it.  I am a 100% foodie, love the stuff, watch the food network 24/7, eat, live and breathe it.  Do I make the wrong choices?  Not necessarily…I love my veggies, and EVOO, and fruits…however what I had been doing wrong is eating the wrong quantities.  That along with some poor choices, and you add an additional 30lbs in a year and a half or so.  Yeah = not pretty.

So luckily I had some support from a friend at work.  She suggested I join along with her so she could lose her baby weight and I could lose my…umm (finding a sufficient excuse) post newlywed weight.  So our 6 month program is now over, (probably be joining the next set when avail at my work) but went on my wii fit and am now very close to the normal BMI.  Which is amazing!  I have officially lost 21 lbs since my last Dr. appmt a 8-9 months ago.  Which is also amazing because they kept telling me to lose some weight since I was now in a pre-diabetic state. Which at first made me gain more weight because it was depressing.  (It’s an endless cycle people).

So anyways, I wanted to share some tidbits of information with you that made all the difference.

1.  Every day is a new day – if you mess up the day before and go a little crazy, wake up with the desire to make good choices again. 

2.  Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day.  These are filling foods – so you’re not starving for the next snack.  They also have the vitamins and minerals your body needs to feel better and look better.

3.  No what foods you go crazy on.  “The green light foods” – these foods are the ones you can’t hold yourself back from.  So either find a way to make them healthy, or stay away from them.

4.  Educate yourself!!!  This was probably the biggest deal for me, because it seemed like I naturally was drawn to the less filling, higher calorie items.  If I was looking at a menu, grocery shopping, or just choosing a snack and just choose whatever looked the best to me it was almost 95 times out of 100 the worst thing to eat.  So I had to retrain myself and look up the nutrition facts first.  Once I started seeing positive results the Italian Cheese Bread from Little Ceasars didn’t do it for me anymore.  (ok, I may still struggle with that one from time to time)

5.  Be more active.  K, I was a dance from like the age of 5 thru college…so I naturally was pretty comfortable in my skin.  However being that I was dancing and I enjoyed it so much, it didn’t feel like it was a work out.  I tried the gym thing, but it felt like a chore.  So I’ve gone out of my way and found things that are my like activities than work.  Such as bike riding, finding a local ballet class, or taking my lunch hour at work and hoping on the elliptical/tread mill.

So that’s my spiel, and I’m still on track and hoping to get to my goal of 145 sooner than later.  However after my celebratory italian meal last night I may need to put a couple more excercises in place again!  As of yesterday 14 more lbs to go. 🙂

Oklahoma travels - feeling better about the body!

Oklahoma travels - feeling better

So I was laying in bed thinking this morning as my little Emme is winking at me from the floor.  It reminded me of a conversation I’d had with my husband a while back about my theory on pets. 

Me:  What if they are really guardian angels, sent to watch us and protect us.  They have such sensitive souls, love us no matter what…what do you think?

Husband:  Umm, it’s an interesting thought.

Me:  Yeah, I totally think so.

Husband:  Well what about Cullen when he pees/poos on the ground, is that a sensitive soul?

Me:  Well, maybe he’s testing me…even guardian angels in their baby form have to be trained.  Besides I think it’s a test for patience.

Husband:  Hmm, I’ve known an pet or two that didn’t seem like an angel. What about that dog that ate your hamster.

Me:  K, you’re right there…not all angels were good.  Maybe some come below and are for the other side too 😉  But the majority are not!

Sydney puppy picture

Sydney puppy picture

So me and the husband and pretty much avid movie watchers…we have, netflix (yeah both, crazy), and see the new movies as much as possible.

So I thought I’d start sharing what I thought about them as I saw them.  Just kind of putting my two cents in before you get a rental or go out for a night of movies:


Movie Theatre

Star Trek – Ok, I am not a trekkie at all.  I had been avoiding this movie for some time, but honestly it was pretty well done.  You don’t need to know the history of it all, besides the normal characters and handshakes.  (Who doesn’t know the V-shaped live long and prosper).  Anyways, I have to say the Zachary Quinto (who I also love in Heros) made the movie all worth wild.  I don’t know if it’s the broad eyebrows, or his character which battled to show feelings…but I loved it.  It’s good with the special effects, understandable story, and futuristic devices (I love the movies the back in time classics such as Back to the Future, and Peggy Sue gets Married, etc.) Rating – :):)

Disney’s Up – Adorable movie – I think the best part of the story for me was the “grumpy old man” from the previews I saw.  Learning his story watching the movie made me love him even more.  I’m still a kid at heart when it comes to the cartoons, but this one definitely takes the cake of recent family movies. Rathing- :):)

Night at the Museum 2 – Ok, so I had some time to fill on vacation and ended up taking this movie in as well…and I have to say the first one was way better.  The story line/acting is cutesy for the family, but you basically saw the just of it on the previews.  Nothing new in this one.   Rating-  :p:p


New in Town – Renee Zellwegger and Harry Connick Jr (I hear his music) – The movie was ok.  Nothing amazing, I feel like these stories can get a bit predictable.  Plus there is something very unusual about Renee’s face in the movie – very distracting. Rating: :p

Paul Blart: Mall Cop – I liked Kevin James in Hitch- pretty adorable guy in the movie – and who could forget his dance.  But this one was a little too cutsey for my liking.  He is a sad single dad looking for love and protecting his mall.  Alright for a night in with dinner, but nothing too crazy here.  Rating:  :p

There is the latest -should have some more for you later.

So my little sis works at a Massage School – and part of the perks of it is she can take her family members on the weekends for free massages.  The students have to have so many hours of practice, and we become their homework.  I take this position pretty seriously.  I mean, to help students learn, and become better massage therapists – hello, count me in.

Anyways, so this Saturday, my little sis was kind enough to take me, our older sis, and my bff with her.  Of course the questions went back and forth before we got drawn in one by one with the massage student for our 50 minute massages such as how much clothing to leave on.  My advice was leave on the undies and take off the rest.  Once all was said and done we compared notes on all of our experiences with the students.

ME:  So how did it go, did you like your person?

Little Sis:  Totally, she started with a cranial massage and did this thing with my hair where she took strands and twisted it and pulled it.

Me & the older sis:  ooooo,  awwww, that sounds amazing

BFF:  You guys are funny – you all have such hard heads.  Did your person end up rubbing your glutes like you said?

Me:  Totally, mine was a little tender actually, but she totally rubbed them.

Both Sisters:  Yeah, me too, she rubbed my butt.

BFF:  What?!?  I told her I didn’t have any exlcusions and she didn’t rub my butt!

Me & the sisters:  Weird, they totally did for us!

So for those of you who do not know – The Good, Bad, and Ugly is my older sister of 2 years.  She was providing housing for my little sister for about a year now and given that she has moved into smaller living quarters the little sister is now staying with me and the husband.

Along with that move her b-friend has also been connected at her hip since her stay.  So far he is fairly polite and friendly – so no big deal there as of yet.  However it is usually a bit of a surprise to get 2 roomates.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some recent events over the past week of our new living situation of my conversations with the new roomates.  Let me just advise you before you read on that I am fully aware that I am OCD about cleaning – if you have read my past cleaning = serenity…and I am a bit of a cooking extrodinaire given my obsession with food network .


Scenerio 1- in the kitchen @ the island.

Little Sister:  Where is my movie?

Me:  Where movies belong *eyebrow raised to teach her a lesson*

Little Sister:  Oh yeah, where is that, you have movies in the bedrooms, movies in that bookshelf, movies near the tv.

Me:  Well, if I plan on watching a movie soon then I put them near the tv – that is what makes sense.


Scenerio 2 – On the phone with the big sis in the kitchen talking loudly 😉

Me – OMG there are so many dishes in my sink.  I HATE coming home to these.  I feel like a disgusting person having dishes sit in my sink overnight – super gross.  This is ridiculous!


Scenerio 3 – After a night of fun filled food, and beverages (maybe quite a few for some)

boyfriend (bf) -I just wanted to let you know how badly I feel when I put my dishes in the sink

Me – Yes, you should…I hate dishes left in the sink

bf- Well it’s just that the dishwasher is usually full, and I don’t know where anything goes.

Me – *in my mind* you should learn


Scenerio 4 – The next morning really around 8am ish – doing bills at the computer and the little sister walks past the office

Me – OMG you are awake!

little sis – uh huh

Me – Are you going to stay awake?  I’ve been up since 6am and have feed the animals, cut the trees, gone for a bike ride, did the dishes, did the laundry, did the bills.

little sis – you are crazy

Me – If you stay up I’ll make you breakfast

little sis – fine, I think my bf is getting up too


Scenerio 5 – At the island me making my breakfast feast…cutting bananas

bf – your little sis won’t eat those … she only likes the bananas that are partially green and fresh

me – are you kidding me, these are fine -besides you’ll just make the mushy with hot maple syrup!

little sis – no, they are mushy I won’t eat those.

me- you are crazy – what about these strawberries then, they will be delicious on the pancakes!

little sis – umm now, I don’t like them because they were frozen  – they have a weird taste – I only like fresh

bf – yeah they taste like they have alcohol in them when you put them in the microwave

me – you guys are ridiculous – I’m making you your own personal IHop here and you are ruining my creation by being so boring!

Some of you may have your conditions…and I’m not trying to belittle anyone’s own issues or what not…but I was curious if anyone out there could relate to mine.

Here it is, and I am telling the complete truth here:  I do not sweat.

Ok, ok…I know what you may be thinking how is that even possible, wouldn’t you explode or something, don’t  you live in Arizona which is known to be over 100 degrees of utter, disgusting hotness?

Well, to you I say yes it is a bit inconvenient.  Especially given the habitat my parents chose to raise me in.  I still recall my mom telling me when I was a baby she would have to put a cold wet washcloth over my head to stop me from turning tomato red.

So what are the side affects you ask?  Well, depending on the degree of overheating…it is red in the face, dizzy, neasea, and weakness.  Someone once mentioned to me that meant my body had no ability to get rid of toxins.  But it’s not like I can’t go to the restroom – isn’t that what I’m doing?

Anyways, anyone else feeling my pain out there?  Just curious 😉

tomato face

So I just came back from a fun filled trip with my bff.  I tagged along on her business trip which = free hotel/rental car/food (if we split).  So here’s the exciting times.

  • First the weeekend started with a camping trip with her and her sister and our spouses.  We camped, ate smores, went swimming in the lake, and relaxed out in nature.  The best part of the trip was probaby the weather being that it was a little rainy = beautiful!
  • Next came back and got on a airplane with my BFF
  • Went to an amzing restaurant in Dallas Tx – Wolf Gang Puck – and for those of you who don’t know I am a food fanatic – so it was amazing
  • Next drove to Oklahoma City and saw the sites

Here’s some pics!

camping rain!

camping rain!

Wolf Gang Puck 560 Restuarant

Wolf Gang Puck 560 Restuarant



So as of late, I’ve been pretty grumpy lately.  I mean I know the drill…time of the month = havoc on the hubby.  I don’t mean to be so snotty, but what can I say it brings out the best in me.

Why it was just the other week, and I was in line at Wal-Mart and was imagining horrible things on this guy in front of me who was moving at the speed of a snail.  Couldn’t he see I was in a hurry?  Did the world have to stop for him to empty his cart one object at a time?  As I was picturing ripping off his head with delight I realized there might be some heightened hormones rushing thru my veins.

Is it really just me though?  Doesn’t every girl have these days?  I’d like to think so…

Still maybe I’ll look into a happy pill of some sort for now so the hubby can stay in one piece. 😉


Hello all…It’s been about a month know and our little puppy Cullen has been sprouting up like crazy…he’s now about 9lbs – I believe he started at 4 or so. 

So let me know what you think 😉

Here he is - with his ears all popped up - kinda husky like?  Not sure

Here he is - with his ears all popped up - kinda husky like? Not sure

Playing in the yard with Sydney

Playing in the yard with Sydney

Being held by his daddy

Being held by his daddy

Playing tug of war

Playing tug of war

You know how everyone has that one thing that is a guilty pleasure.  No matter how tight you are on money or how many of them you have you just can’t get enough of it.  It’s always the things you can purchase another of because it is so near and dear to your heart.  That thing you look forward to and makes your day a little better?

Well for the normal person it may be something intellectually stimulating like a book/magazine…or something more sensible like an article of clothing or shoes.  But for me nothing is sweeter and more exciting than a new shampoo & conditioner.  To me it is the thing that excites me and makes the showering experience like new.  It’s as if the next shampoo/cond i try may be the perfect product that I’ve  been looking for that makes my hair look just right.  The smell may be amazing and finally last all day.  It may just make me do better and work and make me more motivated to style my sometimes rebellious hair. 

It’s my one thing! 

It’s so funny because I was watching a movie “Friends with Money” with Jennifer Aniston.  There was  a scene where she confides her friend about her greasy hair and her friend admits that it was her one true desire to find the next great shampoo/conditioner and every time she was let down.  She realized that every product was made with the same junk and she had literally tried every brand/type.  That’s when she decided to give up on washing her hair.

My husband watched the movie with me when we were dating at the time and looked at me with concern in his face at the end of the scene and said to me, “Do you think that would ever be you?”  and I turned my head to the side as if I had just saw my future self in the movie and said it was a possibility. 

And with that I leave you with a perfectly beautiful cartoon that for now represents me…I’ll let you know if I fall of the wagon 😉  But for know the latest greatest scent is rosemary mint because it refreshes your scalp.  I probably was on the kick about 2/3 years ago and it is now back in my life.  We will see if the hair brands of the world can come up with the most amazing product yet.  For now the search is still on! 😉


So many things to share and yet I think I’ll spread them out a bit…

So I finally decided to be a productive individual and apply for my passport so me and the hubby could visit his brother in Canada.  Ok quick outburst here…Canada sounds amazing to me.  I have this idea that it is a beautiful green wonderland.  Primarily because my favorite movie growing up when I was a pure love sap was Anne of Green Gables.  And those films were done in Canada…so I’ve always had the idea that I must visit there.  For those of you who don’t know about Anne of Green Gables – she is a red head adopted child that is spirited and has a creative knack for descriptive verbiage.

Anyways, I digress…I went on my lunch break to a senior citizens center where they have a passport office.  Drove in to the parking lot and might of cut of this older gentlemen in his car…I don’t have the best driving record and I was just trying to run an errand.

I park the car, run in and am the only one in the office.  Went as smooth as you could ask for.  So as I proudly walk back to my parked car …thinking about how exciting my Canada trip will be, then low and behold there is a big splat of brownish tan substance on my drivers side car.  As if someone threw some poop at my car…It was’t right.  No bird could of had this much poop.  And they wouldn’t of been able to aim sideways to my car.

I couldn’t help but imagine that old man copping a squart and throwing it at my car.

Conspiracy?  I think not!

K, so I haven’t posted for awhile…but don’t think I haven’t been thinking up a blog or two…so lets sum up the past couple weeks…

1. It’s my bday today and I’m turning the big 2-8.  I know, I know…I’m still a younging, especially compared to the hubby who just turned the big 3-4 four days prior.

2.  For my hubby’s bday – we got a new family member.  A little Austrialian Shepherd Mix.  His 7 weeks old and pretty smart, confident, and always hungry.  My intent was to get a playmate for our lab Syd…but she’s not too fond of him yet.  And I have to say it has been a bit of an adjustment with the new one in the house.  Waking up at 3/5am taking him out to potty train him!

Here he is the newest family member Collen Joseph

Here he is the newest family member Cullen Joseph

Here's Sydney's reaction to the new one.

Here's Sydney's reaction to the new one.

3.  I had a bday trip to Miami Fl with my Bff.  I was able to tag along on a work trip and get out of town for some fun.  Fun in my book (since I’m so much more mature) is shopping, eating out, and seeing the ocean.  It was a really nice trip, considering I forgot my camera, gps, and was in the middle of a big work project that still got pulled off (with me working another saturday).

4.   I’m still attempting to do the Weight Watchers thing.  In fact, I even requested a healthy/delicious/& nutritious salad that I ended up making for myself since all the sisters were so busy were their daily events.  Still it was some good times tonight.  Got me some Wii Fit, PF Changs/Old Navy gift cards, and a great classic movie “How to Make an American quilt”- k, it’s classic to me, and some cute house decor.  All in all a great night.

I have decided this evening that customer service is no longer in existence.  And it’s a shame too, being that I put in about 5+ years in the customer facing role at good ol’ Blockbuster Video.

But as I try to figure out the new cable/phone line provider – speaking with first the Dish Network 3rd vendor and then back and forth with Quest since they gave us a slower than intended computer speed, I realize I was wasting a perfectly good evening.

And this guy seemed educated enough to understand the services and such, but I’m sorry whatever happened to the customer is always right?  Because tonight was more of a “I’m speaking to you and you are absolutely wrong” air. 

Augh, it’s enough to make someone go and get a cigarette and beverage and relax for the night. 

Seriously though, I think I can pin point this back to society and the birth order generations.  Those who were born in the Millennium have a “owed” mentality.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not much older than them.  I am a mere 27, but I believe that just puts me out of that generation.  Regardless I would like to think if I were on the other end of the phone I would recognize the frustration the customer was having hearing two different things and be kinder with my tone.

Regardless, makes me worry about how we are going to be 20+ years from now when I am older and the younger call center associates are working the jobs.  I shudder at the thought!

Some things just can’t be expressed with words or descriptions! 😉

So as many of you may tell from time to time I tend to have a few grammatical errors here and there.  And if I took the time to review my writing I could possibly correct the issues, but I get lazy.

This phobia infested itself in me when I was a mere child.  In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I was home-schooled from 6th-8th grade.  My mom was quite the brilliant teacher.  She was a bio-chemist, editor, accountant, etc throughout her career lifetime.  So all the mathematical, grammar, and scientific skills she had was in abundance.  Genetics did pass on an understanding of the numbers, however when it came to the grammar/editorial skills, I think I was a bit jipped.

I would write essays and such in school and have my mom review/correct the paper.  I’m sure you know how it is, you finish the assignment, feel a sense of relief and then 5-30 minutes the assignment comes back into my hands dripping with red correction ink all over it!  It’s like a murder scene on paper.  Once where my words of wisdom and genius where untouched and out for the world to see where now covered with crossing out marks, underlined marks, striked through lines, and corrections over them.  Don’t get me wrong, if I made the changes my mom suggested for the public school teachers I would typically get an A.  But that red pen still sends shivers down my spine. 

So now when it comes down to it, it’s just too painful to go back and review the master pieces of english I have imparted on you all. So if you come across a mispelling, fragment, or run on sentence every now and again, I apologize up front for the frustration. 

Along with that I have recently found out I have a serious issue with spoonerism as well.  It’s were you (deliberately) or possibly subconsciously play on words. 

For example:

Wear do you want to go after work?  Of course I meant wHERE but my subconscious was thinking ahead of itself and typing the wrong word.  Again maybe this is a sign of genius in some potential form.  I always heard that if you couldn’t remember something and then think upon it later with the answer without knowing you brain is still contemplating it is a sign of genius.  I’d like to think that’s the case here as well…What do you think?


Why the odd subject line you ask?  Well the sister has “tagged” me,  I guess into writing one.

And of all the times to come back to my trusty wordpress account…this is not one of the times I care to be forced to write such things.

But alas, no one wants to hear Miss Crabby Pants…so I guess I will pull out of my long term memory the things I love about him… 😉

1.  He likes my nightime burps…

2.  He plays with my hair at night until I go to sleep.

3.  He puts up with my cleaning crazies (see Cleaning = Serenity)

4.  He mostly understands the “prove you love me today” mentality

5.  He’s can be patient (see The Question)

That’s about all for now.  One can not be forced to expand on such notions at a moments wimb 😉

Anniversary Trip Portrait!

Anniversary Trip Portrait!

So after all the hooplah of taking Thurs off to help the older sister with her ailing kitty…

Long story short Americus was having trouble holding food down, then lost her appetite completely and was a mess.  It was her liver, but after shots, lots of love, and a couple of days she has started to eat again!  Hooray for Mer feeling better!

So in celebration of a rough week and some much needed tlc we invite the eldest sibling out for a half yard of beer at our treasured restaurant -The Yardhouse…and what does she do?  Declines her loving sisters offer!

How Rude!


So after all the delays of the husband on the internet and me playing Dr. Mario more than necessary we ended up getting a couple of things done.

Our office has been clean/organized/a disaster area off and on.  Technically it was never really organized (that was just me shoving all of the husband’s things into a closet!)  But on our day off, I took it upon ourselves to go to Ikea for some organizational items for the office.

I really could of spent all day there, but I kept reminding myself I was there for the sole purpose of cleaning up the office.  Ok so maybe that was more so my husbands voice behind me as I was skipping through the showcases!

So here’s the partial progress.  Lots of hours of labor went into this let me tell you…Ikea small price tag comes with a price!

Shelving Unit $29.99

Red Mirror $1.99

Vase next to mirror .79

3 lights added under bottom shelf:  $14.99

Wicker baskets $3.99 each

mesh paper organizers 2 for $7.99

Time and explicit words used:  3.5 hours and 30 words or so later…

Here it is...the shelving, some baskets...little mirror vase and lights all from Ikea.

Here it is...the shelving, some baskets...little mirror vase and lights all from Ikea.

Why is it every day off you plan on getting a million things done, but all you find yourself is in your pj’s till the afternoon?

And that fact becomes even more apparent when you and the spouse are off on the same day.  And ideas of a day off are entirely different! 😉

So i have this cubicle at work and being in a confined space and all, I guess I can understand people can go a little crazy and all…but I have proof of the person who had the desk before me doing just that…

Let me explain; when i moved to the department I’m in, I exchanged desks since it was in a different section of the building.  Little did I notice any abnormalities at first but as some weeks passed a fellow co-worker came up to me and told me there was a story that came with my desk.

Knowledgeable co-worker: See that shine on your desk below your keyboard?

Me:  Hmph, yeah, weird…it feels all smooth and shiny there…weird.

K. CoWorker:  Yeah, I used to sit in near this area and the guy that sat there before you loved to eat peanut butter and rub his hand over that spot on his desk.  Hence the shimmer and smoothness of it.

Me:  Are you serious?

K. CoWorker:  Uh huh…he was a weird one…enjoy the desk.

Gross…now everytime i accidentally start reaching below my keyboard I feel the shiny smoothness and get creept out…what if he passed on the desk and the OCD behavior…Nah….


Well I’ve been doing some research lately on marriage. We’ve been married a year now this September, but dated for 7 years prior so we’re not that fresh out of the bag.   Yeah i don’t know what i mean by that either 😉

Anyways, I’ve learned about several words of wisdom from various resources and I thought I’d share one of them.

Lesson #1 Commnication comes in all forms.

1. Adult –> Adult

Talking to an adult as an adult is when full respect for the other person comes across and is a healthy method of exchange.

2.Parent –>Child

If someone speaks down or in a commanding way then the natural response for a person is to respond as a child.  Now that child may be compliant or rebellious…but regardless this is not an ideal communication method.  However I know I’ve seen myself go along this road when dishes are left or the bed is unmade 😉

Child –>Child

Another form of communicating, however if you are both responding back and forth like children you can imagine how much really gets resolved.  My sister tends to play the not it rule with her husband which would line up with this method. 😉

Lesson #2

I can only control my own actions/emotions…

Yeah, I’ve come up with this theory about married life versus dating life.  Let me know if you agree…it goes like this:

When dating – the boy (and the girl for that manner) are on excellent behavior with eachother…no farting in front of eachother, cleaning up after themselves, putting their best foot forward at all times.

Well, when one gets married the boy then doesn’t have to pull out all the courting tactics.  They got the girl, they have the ring…and they are now free to be themselves 100% completely.

Let me tell you after dating someone for 7 years or so…(long distance and all)  it was a bit of a shock to me to not have the 100% full adoration 24/7.  All of a sudden everything I was doing wasn’t so perfect anymore.  And his clean bedroom wasn’t so spotless anymore.  And that unmessy bedroom of his became ours. 

(Yeah we were one of the few who didn’t live together before marriage)…

Lesson #3 (spawning off of my thoery) – It’s all about the approach.  Utilization is a psychological theory having someone help you by pulling on the theories and ideas that they love.  For example:  My husband is an avid lover of sports…football, baseball, basetball.  But especially football as of lately with his underdog Cardinals team go to the SuperBowl as of late.  So this was one of the things before we were married that showed up after the fact.

Before marriage, big game playing:  I come over to visit my boyfriend and his eyes light up and he shuts off the tv at the drop of a hat and takes me out on a to lunch and a movie.

After marriage, big game playing:  I walk into our family room and husband doesn’t hear/see me because the game is on…

So being that the sport is such a love of his…I can use the utilization method and pull on that love of the sport mindset and use that in our marriage.  AKA chores.  I divy it up, make a goal for us to meet, then applaud our teamwork after the fact.  It connects the dots for him…I get want I want out of my hubby and he gets  the satisfaction of feeling like he’s doing someting he loves too.

Let me know your tips you’ve learned throughout the years…I can always use more 😉

One year later...

One year later...

Koda standing his ground...and Emme's butt

Koda standing his ground...and Emme's butt

So, here I am, all nice and cozy in my bed and dufus Koda wants to make my morning start at 6am.  (This is the usual time I’m out of the house and off for work, so I guess they gave me a 30min break)

He has this thing which his water dish.  You know those water dishes that have the half gallons turned upside down to fill with water as the level drops?  Yeah, genius invention right?  The less i have to fill their water dish the better.  However Koda has always had this thing where he likes to push it with his strong paw and all I hear every morning is the water slishing and sloshing!  My biggest fear is the water that constantly splashes out of the water dish will be sitting all morning on my floor boards and I’ll get mildew or something.

But I ignored them and tried to enforce who was boss this morning and didn’t get out of bed till 8 or so.

I’ve finally figured out the deal here though…my animals consider themselves as my owner.  I had a friend break it down for me at work once. (I’m pretty sure she got it from watching the pet whisperer).

So basically they own me, and tell me when they want to be fed.  Hence the obnoxiousness of Koda’s morning routines. 

How to break it you ask?

Well soposedly it starts with showing them you are the owner. 

Such as:  When it is time for them to eat, eat something in front of them first.  this shows them the owner always eats before them.  Even if it’s the crack of dawn like for me getting ready for work.  If you make them watch you eat a cracker, the recognition should start taking place. 

Now I know the Pet Whisperer primarily works with dogs, but don’t you think this could work for cats too?  I mean I’m pretty sure right now all of them “wear the pants” right now as far as they are concerned. 

But then again isn’t that just the nature of the beast?

I’ll start running some tests and let you know…

Hmm, even as I type Koda steps right in front of me and my computer screen – I think he’s aware of the situation and showing me yet again who is boss!

Well for those of you out there that don’t know me, let me just say that i am a bit of a numbers freak.  I just think that way.  It’s my calculating mind…and not necessarily always pure numbers are running thru my mind, but situational things that add up.  So when I decided to join the Weight Watchers System to lose some of the 30lbs I put on since my wedding (Yeah who knew married life could be so grand 😉  ) it’s kind of got me a little crazy I must say.

Did you know a tortilla is 7 points!?!  Can you believe that, it’s so flat and little and delicious as a wrap/cheese crisp, etc.  And that’s not even adding anything to it to make it tasty!

Yeah, and don’t even think about a burger at McD’s…that’s like your whole alotment of points for the day.

Even the butter you put on the bread, or the oil you cook with adds up…and I’m not always eating from the box that breaks out the calories, fat, and fiber.  Especially since I enjoy putting my chef hat on most nights.

So you can see where this can become perplexing/mind altering.

Almost made me think twice today about eating the delicious slice of apple pie today for a coworkers bday. 

Me:  Could I see the label on that pie?

Fellow female coworker:  No, you can not…

Friend coworker:  Please pass it over, we just need to take a quick peek.

Fellow female coworker reluctantly reads the label…mmhmm, sugar, more sugar, and some apples, no nutrition break down.

Friend coworker:  Well, that means it’s 0 points then! 😉

Me:  Nice!


Well, my BFF reminded me this weekend it is important to take some time out and gussy yourself up a bit.  And I have to say, after some hesitation I’ve found myself greatful for that “me” upkeep.

Which makes me think…it’s pretty easy for us go a day without showering, or maybe stop shaving for a day…or a week (maybe that’s more me), or just get lazy with our fashion wardrobe.  But it is refreshing to push yourself to clean things up a bit…

So my weekend consisted of the following

  • Getting my car washed – My car is still ghetto fabulous with the missing hubcab ( I do plan on ordering it) from my sidewalk collision, but getting it washed made it run like new in my heart 😉
  • Mani/Pedi – my toes and nails were a site to see before…and now I can’t help but to gaze upon them all day now! 😉
  • Some work clothes – I heart JCPenny’s and their sales
  • Dyed the hair – thank goodness for hair dye in a box! (I’m not made of money)

So these few things although may be the norm for some, it’s been awhile for me. 

Oh, yeah, and the shaving of the legs can be a good thing too 😉

Poor Sydney, her favorite baby died today…

See for youself…

Here's the last of his scarf and hat

Here's the last of his scarf and hat


Here's the final struggle.  Sydney trying to save his life..Pooh putting up a good fight.

Here's the final struggle. Sydney trying to save his life,Pooh putting up a good fight.


Poor, poor Sydney with what's left of her baby.

Poor, poor Sydney with what's left of her baby.


You were very loved Mr. Snowman...Rest in Peace

You were very loved Mr. Snowman...Rest in Peace

Well, I was going to write an email about the eldest sibling who is pmsy and snotty.  But then I reflected on those bad intentions and thought I’d write a little about my theory on my sisters.

As far as reading goes, I don’t do much of it.  I know, judge me as you will…but i was always the one in front of the tv growing up.  What can I say, I love me some tv.  But besides that, I have read a fairly large book – I believe it had 500 pages or so.  Of course I remember because it was such a feat. 😉  It’s one of my favorite books, “Little Women”.

This story, for those of you who read less then me…then again there’s an amazing movie as well (I suggest you watch it).  Anyways, this movie is about the bond of sisters.  Every one of the 4 sisters has a distinct personality, and they fight like any others, and burn off the others hair, fall in love with the same boys, laugh and cry together.  It’s an amazing story of true sisters.  The moral of the story is that their bond is stronger than any man that comes into the picture.  Their little tight knit circle is what gets them thru life.  Well that’s what it means to me anyways.

So my theory goes like this…me and my sisters are the Little Women.  Ok, now that you’re rolling your eyes at me, give me a second to explain.  We are meant to be close knit, not allowing any boy to ever come inbetween us.  (K, so that’s how I feel about it, hence my harsh judgement on all the boys in their life throughout the years!)  And we all take on different characters throughout our lives. 

Our little sister – She equates to the littlest sibling (Amy)sometimes, but she fluctuates to the eldest (Meg)as well because she is the most profound.  The old soul.  She has the street smart, me and the eldest sometimes do not.  She has the artist soul and wants to be rich; she is very critical of her appearance sometimes to a fault, and very aware fashionably of what is acceptable.

My eldest siter-She is Jo, no question about it.  She is quick tongued and gets herself into trouble.  She doesn’t care what others think of her and goes about her way untouched by the emotional “weaknesses” of others.  She is the rock and the voice of reason at times.  She even had our version of Laurie – who was the love interest that always loved her from a far, but could never have her because they were too much alike.

And me – Well at one time I was Beth…the sister with the intuition.  The one who couldn’t bear the thought of the others growing up and moving out of the house.  Again the issue with their boys coming into play.  I am protective and intuitive.  Introverted, yet thoughtful…K, I’m not as saintly as she was, which is where I fluctuate with Jo (cause I do have some of that spunk).  But she was the sister who died, and I have had my fair share of car accidents in my life.  So although God has saved my life time and time again…I was the sister that had threats to me living a full life. 😉

So that is my theory of my sisters, and to end such a lovely story with a quitesential picture of them here it is.  Me on my wedding day, with the gazing at my soon to be husband knowing he would soon be coming into the sacred circle (Again they are more willing to open this circle to others than I have ever been)

I've always loved this picture because I think it catches each of the "Little Women" characteristics in it ;)

I've always loved this picture because I think it catches each of the "Little Women" characteristics in it 😉

So, now that I’ve discussed the story behind me and the husband…now we can get into the real nitty gritty! 

No one ever mentions to you how hard things can get in a relationship when life comes at you fast.  All of a sudden things aren’t about dates, kisses, etc.  Now it’s the real world, with bills, job losses, house upkeep.  It’s a hard job people.  And now that I’m a year in, I’ve realized it’s all about the approach.  It’s all about the teamwork and getting things done. 😉

Before - yeah, those are weeds people.

Before - yeah, those are weeds people.

After - much better *sigh*

After - much better *sigh*

Me – and random quotes of the day

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